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Change Your Thoughts - Change Your Life © A.J. Mahari March 2010

Change Your Life - Change Your Thoughts Ebook by A.J. Mahari

The Power of Gratitude - Healing - Recovery - Wellness and Getting Unstuck A.J. Mahari December 2010

The Power of Gratitude Ebook by A.J. Mahari

Quest For Self - Building Conscious Self Awareness - Ebook/Coaching Guide/Workbook and Audio A.J. Mahari January 2011

Quest For Self - Building Conscious Self Awareness Ebook and Audio by A.J. Mahari

Achieve Your Goals - Self-Coaching Program © A.J. Mahari April 2010

Change Your Life - Achieve Your Goals - Self-Coaching Program Ebook, Audio, and Workbook by A.J. Mahari

The Law of Attraction - Thoughts Determine Destiny © A.J. Mahari March 2010

Law of
Attraction - Thoughts and Destiny Ebook by A.J. Mahari

Verbal Abuse, Roots, Effects and The Danger © A.J. Mahari 2007

Verbal Abuse, Roots,
Effect and The Danger Ebook by A.J. Mahari

LONELINESS - Its Challenges, Lessons, Purpose, and Meaning © A.J. Mahari October 2006

LONELINESS - Its Challenges, Lessons, Purpose, and Meaning by A.J. Mahari

Self Help for Change - Healing and Recovery Audio Program © A.J. Mahari 2009

Self Help for Change - Healing and Recovery Audio Program by A.J. Mahari

Welcome To Phoenix Rising Life Coaching - What is Life Coaching

Phoenix Rising Life Coaching, BPD - BPD Loved Ones - Codependency Coaching and Mental Health Coaching with A.J. Mahari. A.J. Mahari has been coaching for 10 years now. She combines her own first-hand life experience and knowledge with her years of coaching thousands of people. A.J. has included her philosophy of what life coaching is, generally, and as it specifically relates to her life coaching practice.


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A large part of Life Coaching is supporting each client on his or her own sacred journey of empowerment, understanding, increasing awareness, self-improvement and/or recovery.

Self Help

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Self-improvement, personal growth, and/or healing and recovery work are all processes that unfold somewhat differently for each client. Personal growth is not a straight line. It is not a desination but is rather an on-going journey. Coaching is a process that supports your self help efforts as well.


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Strategy in the process of Life Coaching is very important. You can read more about my coaching stategy by reading the How I Work page.

Life/BPD Coach & mental Health A.J. Mahari - What Is Coaching?

Phoenix Rising Life and BPD/Mental Health Coaching with A.J. Mahari

Each person has a soul. Each soul yearns, often, underneath the everyday lives that we lead to be much more fully known, felt, and expressed. Our lives have connection and meaning to the universe. Each life holds sacred purpose. It is in this universal garden of life that life truly is full of new beginnings. Each new beginning is a further conscious awakening on the journey that is living an examined life.

Information About Life Coaching

What is Life Coaching?

Life coaching, according to Ms. A.J. Mahari, "is a powerful and important instrumental process that supports and assists people with problems, concerns, and life issues that have continued to block empowering choices and decisions resulting in the impeding of the attainment of goals, relationship success, self-acceptance, dreams, adaptive coping, compensatory strategies, personal peace and contentment. In the life coaching process that I engage in with my clients I assist my clients to build or strengthen emotional intelligence, competence, maturity, and regulation - all are parts of building emotional mastery which is a key part of realizing, manifesting, and claiming self mastery. Emotional and self mastery are the foundations from which my clients learn how to actualize their maximum potential."


Online and/or telephone life coaching with A.J. Mahari will give you a refreshing and insightful touchstone and mirror from which to observe and gain more consciousness of your own thoughts and feelings reflected back to you in supportive and validating ways that will help you to gain perspective and insight into what might be keeping you stuck, stopping you from taking action or blocking you from achieving your desired goals.


What Life Coaching Isn't

Life Coaching is not therapy nor is it a substitute for professional therapy or counselling.

There is no official regulatory standard or governing body. In order to be a Life Coach degrees are not needed. Being a Life Coach is not the same as being a therapist whether one has degrees or not. Therapy seeks to unearth the specifics of trauma and delves deeply into the psyche. Life Coaching does not do this. In Life Coaching we work to deal with what isn't working in your life, in the here and now, and what it is that you want to cope more effectively with or create change around. We take the goals that you identify in your here and now and we work together - me supporting you, to take the desired and self-identified action in your life that you yourself indicate that you want or need to implement.

In my many years of experience as a life coach I find that there is more freedom in the life coaching relationship to learn from each other. Life coaching is a joining together of the coach and the client on the journey that is focusing on the client's concerns and helping the client to empower or further empower his or her own goals, dreams, potential, passion, purpose and promise in practical and measurable ways.

Life coaching is not therapy. Life coaching is not enabling. It is not advice-giving. It is not making choices or decisions for anyone else either. It is not mentoring.

Sessions With A.J.Mahari


Professionalism and Ethics

I provide coaching to clients only in areas that I have vast life experience and personal knowledge. In any case or instance where it becomes apparent that the needs of the client are beyond my experience, knowledge base, and/or the limits of personal life coaching I will request that the client seek the services of a mental health professional to offer them assistance in any area in which supercedes the scope of life coaching. Wherever possible it is often still possible to continue with coaching but with the support of a therapist for anything that falls outside of my coaching expertize.

I also reserve the right to terminate the coaching relationship with any client that I believe needs more help than I can give and who refuses to take responsibility for getting that help. I cannot provide help that is beyond the limit of my experience and expertize as a life coach or beyond the limits and boundaries of life coaching because a client doesn't want to find, work with, or pay for the services of a mental health professional. Life coaching cannot be entered into or in any way be used as a substitute for therapy with a mental health professional. Any inappropriate, boundary-crossing behaviour, and/or abuse or disrespect for myself and my boundaries, along with the boundaries and structure needed to help you get the most from your coaching sessions may result in terminating coaching. This is very rare, however, it does need to be communicated.

It is not uncommon in the process of the life coaching relationship that other issues may arise that are beyond the scope and boundaries of the life coaching relationship. If I deem it necessary to terminate working with a client at such time as the arising of issues that require therapy with a mental health professional the life coaching relationship cannot continue until and unless the client in such a situation, which would impede moving forward in one's personal growth and goal attainment, consults and/or begins work with a mental health professional. Again, in many cases where this has transpired with some clients continuing to work with me as your coach and getting help via a therapist for something specifically beyond the coaching process is often possible. Where it is not possible, taking a break from coaching until such time as issues and challenges beyond the coaching process are addressed and then resuming often takes place as well.


What Is Online Email Life Coaching?

Email Life Coaching is life coaching that takes place through the medium of email.

It gives each client the opportunity to fit their life coaching into their own schedule comfortably and there is no travel time or added related costs that would otherwise be associated with travel. You can be coached from the comfort of your own home and at your own pace.

There are no scheduled times (unless we agree to certain deadlines for specific reasons) within which you have to respond. The only parameter in this regard is the length of time of your package purchase.

Email is convienent because you can read your emails from me when it is most convenient for you to. Unlike face to face coaching sessions you also have the benefit of re-reading and referring back to what we've discussed in this most personal and yet not time-invasive medium.

Online email coaching does not really vary from overall life coaching in any other form aside from the fact that is limited to the very flexible and convenient medium of email.

Online (telephone or in person) life coaching with A.J. Mahari is strictly confidential.


Why Online Email Life Coaching?

It is convenient and you can engage in our email sessions in a way that fits perfectly into your own schedule. Online email coaching is a highly effective way to connect and communicate with someone like myself, who you can relate to, feel supported and encouraged by and not have to be in the same geographic location, or even country as I am in.

It is not therapy. It is not as expensive as therapy and in many ways when you are in a coaching relationship with someone who has walked in your shoes there is a much stronger connecting understanding.

What one person is looking for in and from a life coach is not what the next person wants or needs. If you feel that email is the vehicle through which you would like to connect with what I have to offer you wouldn't be able to do so in person from all parts of the world like we can in email.

Online Email Coaching is an effective tool in your overall process toward the identification of desired change and goal attainment.

Online (telephone or in person) life coaching with A.J. Mahari is strictly confidential.


Why Online Email Life/BPD/Mental Health Coaching With A.J. Mahari?

A.J. Mahari has been there. She knows what it is like to take the continuing journey of not only healing and recovery, personal growth, general life-enhancement, but also of self-actualization. Each one of us can be on an enlightenment path of ever-evolving growth when we choose to be. This ever-growing enlightenment and profoundly deep awareness of authentic self is a journey in life - not a destination.

A.J. has been in the pits of despair and experienced first hand in her own life the very issues and challenges that she now coaches others about. A.J. knows how to take the loss and pain of life's most profound challenges and harness them and change them into incredible learning and growth opportunities that can be translated into the attainment of needed change and of your goals and dreams.

A.J. Mahari's life coaching philosophy is that each and every person truly holds the key to the challenge points blocking change and the personal knowledge that they each need to be more aware of in order to transform any aspect of life that is unsatisfactory into the empowered choice-making that leads to the crossroads where your purpose, promise, and passion can be completely embraced and fully realized.

A.J. can and will gently challenge you, call you to accountability, motivate and inspire you, help you gain a clearer focus, be a compassionate sounding board, and a supportive and validating source of compassionate and insightful feedback. A.J. will mirror back to you your own identified concerns in concise and to the point ways that will challenge you to reach for your goals, to un-block yourself, to replace tired old patterned negative thoughts with new highly-affirming postively inspiriational thoughts. A.J. will encourage you to empower yourself to create the change that you identify as being crucial to your own life journey and that can and will see you transform your pain and/or lostness into the peace of self-acceptance.

Online (telephone, email, or in person) life coaching with A.J. Mahari is strictly confidential.


How Does Online Email Life Coaching Work?

You first have to decide that you want to purchase an email coaching package of mine, or a single session to begin with. Then, upon payment you will receive an email me from me and we will set up a time to hold your session(s).

In the case of purchase of one email question you can include the there will be one introductory email response from me that does not count as your one, three, or six purchased emails.

You will receive a response from me in one to three business days to any email that you send me. Of course I will be as quick to reply as I possibly can, meaning I endeavour to respond within a day or so but I do promise that I will not reply any later than three business days. After than we can set out a schedule of when we will correspond that suites your needs according to the package that you have purchased.

To purchase any life coaching session(s) or program please visit where you can then select Life Coaching, Life Coaching Bundles - services packaged with my ebooks and audio programs to make things even more affordable for you or you can click on BPD Coaching, Emotional Mastery, and other specific life coaching areas under Life Coaching (drop down menu) in the top menu. Or you can click on the number of sessions you'd like to purchase below:

Sessions With A.J.Mahari

If you have any speculative question(s) that you'd like to ask me prior to purchasing an email coaching session or package please send your brief and specific email to me at: and please be mindful that I can only address questions as to how coaching works, what you can expect, and that type of thing and not actual questions that I can more fully and responsibly address with you in a coaching session.

You can read more about my coaching services and how I work


Online Email Life Coaching Disclaimer

Life Coaching is not a substitute for professional counselling.

As your life coach I cannot be expected to, nor am I qualified to, respond to any suicidal/homicidal, self-harm, parasuicidal crisis. If you are in crisis or any at risk please get in touch with your therapist and/or go to the Emergency Department of your nearest hospital for professional help.

When Can Life Coaching Be Most Helpful?

Life coaching can be helpful really almost anytime you feel that you'd like someone like myself to listen to you and to give you feedback about something in your life. Life coaching is often particularily most helpful to people in their lives when they are feeling stuck, blocked, or unempowered. When they are needing and/or wanting change and are unsure as to how that change can be achieved. Life coaching can be most helpful when you know you need to make new choices to get new results. Life coaching with me can then provide you with a ways to get clarity around what your new choices mean and what goals and priorities you will benefit from working to identify and then planning strategy to get into the action of meeting and manifesting and actualizing your goals and sought after change.

When is Life Coaching Contraindicated?

In my experience life coaching is only contraindicated when someone is not coping well with change and when what is being experienced is a mental health crisis that is best addressed with a mental health professional. An example of this would be someone who is very suicidal and not able to ensure their own safety. That is a time when life coaching, while it can help certain aspects of emotional crisis, is not applicable because what anyone in that situation first needs is to be safe and to work through the reasons for being/feeling suicidal with a mental health professional.

As a life coach I provide a caring, compassionate, safe, confidential, non judgemental, validating and supportive relationship within which clients can feel empowered to explore their present-day needs. I essentially act as a human mirror for my clients. I share with my clients an outside and unbiased perspective as to what I observe in listening to their feelings, experiences, and concerns.

Personal Coaching is not counseling or therapy or in any way a substitute for either.

If you would like to get more information about my life coaching sevices on the above listed issues or an issue in your life that isn't listed above please email me at:

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The Legacy of Abandonment in Borderline Personality Disorder © A.J. Mahari 2006-2010

The Legacy of Abandonment in Borderline Personality Disorder

The Abandoned Pain of Borderline Personality Disorder © A.J. Mahari 2006-2010

The Abandoned Pain of Borderline Personality Disorder

The Lost Self in BPD © A.J. Mahari 2006-2010

The Lost Self in BPD

BPD and Rage © A.J. Mahari 2006-2010

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The Shadows and Echoes Of Self - The False Self in BPD © A.J. Mahari 2007

The Shadows and Echoes Of Self - The False Self in BPD

Sessions With A.J.Mahari

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